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Enter on the Day

While online registrations might have shut, it is not to late to experience the iconic Convict 100 event this year. For those that missed out on entering online you can still Enter on the Day. Simply come along to registration on either Friday night or Saturday morning and we will be able to get you in. Read More

Event Sold Out!

Coastal Classic - Saturday 3rd September 2016 A rush of entries into the Coastal Classic has resulted in the event selling out. Congratulations to all those that have an entry. If you missed the boat and didn't get an entry, you might still be able to sneak your way into the event. Read More

Time to dust off those trainers

Back in its 9th year the Great Adventure Challenge is setting out to break more records and we need your help! A corporate team-based adventure race, the Great Adventure Challenge’s inspiration and purpose is to make a real difference by brightening the lives of seriously ill children in Australia. Read More

What you see is what you get!

There are so many things that go into a great obstacle course event. Exciting obstacles, walls to climb, mud pits to crawl through, ropes to swing on. Preferably set in a nice bushland setting close to home. The Tough Bloke Challenge, which is on Saturday 25th June, gives you all of those things, over 25 obstacles and based at Appin which is only a stone's throw from the heart of Sydney. Read More