Established in 2002, Maximum Adventure is Australia’s leading outdoor adventure events company, hosting a series of large-scale adventure races, sporting and corporate events across the nation.

From deep in the Australian bush to deep in the urban jungle, events include mountain bike, foot, and kayak races, including the ever-popular: Paddy Pallin Adventure Series, Paddy Pallin Urban, Convict 100km, Tough Bloke Challenge series and Mud Run.

Maximum Adventure started with a focus on Adventure Racing and set out to create events that would offer the novice competitor an opportunity to see what the sport of adventure racing is all about, and challenge experienced athletes. With this philosophy in mind Maximum Adventure created the ever- popular “Paddy Pallin Series” and by doing so, established the first ever adventure race series in Australia.

Maximum Adventure has since diversified their portfolio of public events from adventure races to multisport, mountain biking and corporate events. Their Convict 100km is a popular event on the mountain bike calendar with over 1000 competitors at each race. Likewise, the “Paddy Pallin Urban” races are popular amongst adventure-hungry city slickers of all fitness levels, taking place in Sydney.

With a host of exciting events, Maximum Adventure invites participants from all walks of life to take part and keep in tune with their philosophy of “Living Life to the Max”.