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A Brand New Challenge

30th January 2019  

Jabulani Challenge

Saturday 6th April, 2019

Bobbin Head, NSW

For 2019 the three course distances; 45km, 22km and 12km, will still be offered but all courses will be run in reverse to what they have been previously.

This change will present a brand new challenge for runners, where once it was a uphill slog, will now be a downhill charge, unfortunately the opposite will also be true. Will the reverse courses be quicker or slower? Only time will tell.

This change will improve the experience for runners, watching the morning mist rise off the water during the first few kilometres creating a magical experience, while the slightly wider trail through this area will reduce congestion on the course. The shade afforded by the narrow valley that is now the last stretch of the event will be welcomed as runners head toward the finish line.

If you are tackling the Jabulani Challenge for the first time you will not be disappointed. If you’ve run the event before why not return to see the changes for yourself? Don’t delay if you’re still thinking about entering. 2019 promises to be a year of firsts so why not make it your first run at the Jabulani Challenge. It surely won’t be your last either.

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Saturday 10th February 2024
Max Adventure Race Series
Cams Wharf, Lake Macquarie, NSW

Saturday 18th May 2024
The Great Adventure Challenge
Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW



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Entries Closing Soon!

Max Adventure Race Series
Saturday 16th February, 2019
Cams Wharf, NSW

The fun and excitement of adventure racing is back in 2019 with the first event of the Max Adventure Race Series only a few weeks away. If you’ve always wanted to experience the fun, adventure and unique challenge of adventure racing this is the perfect opportunity. Equally if you have experienced the excitement previously why not sign up to do it all again!

A flat and fast ‘Classic’ course sticking close to the shores of Lake Macquarie is planned with multiple legs of trail running, mountain biking and kayaking to keep teams on their toes. The course includes some stunning views across the lake and takes advantage of the cooler temperatures normally found near the waters edge. If you’re unsure if you are up to the full ‘Classic’ course, a ‘Novice’ course is also available with less distance to travel and less tricky navigation, perfect for those new to the sport.

All in all the event is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure who is looking for a new and exciting challenge to start 2019. For those that have participated before, the lure of exploring a totally different section of the course to last year is reason enough to get out of bed early on Saturday 16th February.

Entries are closing soon on Wednesday 13th February so now is the time to grab a team mate, enter via the link below, and get ready for an unreal weekend adventure!

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