Lay off the Chocolate, the Wombat is Coming!

1st April 2015  

Wombat 100 - Woodend, VIC

Sunday 12th April 2015

The legendary Wombat 100 is back on the 12th April 2015 for the seventh edition of this popular XCM event. That’s right the Wombat is just over a week away! If you haven’t entered NOW is the time to get onboard. With 100km, 75km, 50km and 25km course options, and a dry track predicted the Wombat is an achievable MTB endurance event for everyone from elite riders all the way to beginner level.

As always the Wombat includes the full range of trails and terrain in the Wombat State Forest and surrounding pine plantation. This is a mecca for mountain bikers with quite simply hundreds of tracks and trails running here there and everywhere. A dedicated team of local trail builders have extended and improved the trails year on year so much so that they are now possible the best trails in the country. A relatively flat course with over 50% flowing groomed single track (including the famous Wombat track) this is one not to miss!

And as always our promise of 100% dirt continues!

New 25km Course

Traditionally reserved for junior riders only, the new 25km will serve as the junior race but is now open to riders of all ages. If you fancy riding a shorter version of the legendary Wombat or are new to mountain biking, the new 25km option provides a safe and fun introduction to the sport of mountain biking.

Cammeray Waters just outside of Woodend will play host to the Wombat 100. This 200 acre first class conference and function centre is the perfect backdrop to a weekend of mountain bikes, camping, beer and mates. Located just one hour outside of Melbourne and 40 minutes from Tullamarine airport, Cammeray Waters is easily accessible for riders just dropping in for the day.

So lay off the Easter eggs this weekend and instead get your entry in, service your trusty steed and get ready for a mountain bike race that will have you grinning from ear to ear!

Remember online entries close on Wednesday 8th April so enter now to avoid the stress of entering on the day.

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Saturday 10th February 2024
Max Adventure Race Series
Cams Wharf, Lake Macquarie, NSW

Saturday 18th May 2024
The Great Adventure Challenge
Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW



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Convict 100

St Albans, NSW
Saturday 30th April

The Convict 100 is an ‘institution’ in Australian mountain biking! As one of the first marathon events established in Australia, it consistently inspires all entrants to push their personal boundaries. The 2016 event will be the 12th installment of the “Century of Dirt” and with 100km, 68km & 44km courses available there is a distance to suit riders of all skill & fitness levels.

Hosted from the sleepy township of St. Albans only 2 hours North of Sydney, the course follows the historic Convict Trail through the heart of the Hawkesbury Valley, taking in some of the best scenery the area has to offer. The mix of fast fire trail, technical rock gardens, rocky descents and spectacular ridgeline views is unmatched by any other MTB event. It is rugged, remote and one epic adventure on a bike! And we haven’t even mentioned the ‘infamous’ kayak bridge yet.

The race starts and finishes in the historic township of St. Albans where a community (and the third oldest pub in Australia) welcomes all competitors with open arms. Riders can choose between the full “Century of Dirt” 100km, the “Convict Half” 68km or a 44km introductory ride for beginners and juniors. This is one mountain bike weekend you do not want to miss!

Entries open on Monday the 7th December at 9am sharp so set your alarm as this is one event you won’t want to miss in 2016! You don’t even have to shave your legs!

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Obstacles, Obstacles, Obstacles!

Tough Bloke Challenge
Saturday 25th June 2016
Appin, NSW

You know what we love about Obstacle Racing? I’ll give you a hint, the answer is in the name! Obstacles!

Walls, tunnels, nets, mud pits, monkey bars! We love them all (some less than others of course) but all obstacles are there to be embraced and conquered. Designed to challenge us and take us out of our comfort zone. Running, nah, no thanks I’m here for the obstacles! The less time slogging it out on foot the better we reckon. That’s why at the Tough Bloke Challenge we give you obstacles, lots of obstacles, obstacles that test strength, stamina, dexterity and get your adrenaline glands tingling. We also give you the grand daddy of obstacles, Hell’s Gate.

Last year we gave you 26 obstacles on the 8km course, this year we are planning even more. That’s more than 3 obstacles per kilometre! No running for over a kilometre to do one obstacle than back to running another kilometre here. We know what you want, obstacles! So what do we give you? Obstacles!

To sign up and claim your free finishers T-shirt and medal and the right to call yourself a Tough Bloke or Tough Chick of the highest order simply click on the link below. Tickets start from only $70 and are still available across a range of start times. $70 for 26 obstacles? That’s under three bucks an obstacle! What are you waiting for…


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Entries Filling Fast!

Paddy Pallin Adventure Series – Royal National Park, NSW
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May 2015

The Paddy Pallin Adventure Series is a race comprised of four core disciplines, including mountain biking, running/trekking, kayaking (boats provided), and navigation across a variety of different and challenging terrains.

Created for teams of two, the races are fast, furious, and ultimately a whole lot of fun, especially with the support of a teammate. The next event, an hour South of Sydney is the most popular of the series and is held on 2 separate days, so you can choose which day to race.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a team mate and have a real adventure this weekend!

For further details and to enter click on the following link.

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Event Wrap Up, Results and Photos

Paddy Pallin Adventure Series – Sunshine Coast
Saturday 21st March 2015

Adventure racing action returned to Wild Horse Mountain for the second leg of the Paddy Pallin Adventure Series. After the recent hot weather competitors were happy to be racing in cooler conditions on an overcast day.

The dryer weather made for some fast and furious racing as teams tackled the six legs comprising multiple legs of trial running, mountain biking and a mystery leg.

The mystery leg turned out to be a ride and tie where each team has one bike between them. Team members take it in turns riding ahead leaving the bike for their partner to run too and pick up before riding past their team mate and dropping the bike and running off. This process is repeated until all of the checkpoints are collected. It requires great communication and strategy to prevent it all ending in tears!

Guy Andrews Adventure (Guy Andrews & Dean Cane) smashed the course in 2hrs 31mins. This was Dean’s first adventure race and he is only 15 years old. Watch this young man go places! Mountain Designs (Kim Beckinsale and Gary Sutherland) were second across the line in 2hrs 32min and Tri Adventure Girls (Jan Leverton and Shan McGrath) rounding out the top three in 3hrs 05min.

Full results and photos are available Here

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