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We miss you!

17th September 2014  

Get 15% Off

We haven’t seen you at a Max Adventure event recently and frankly, we miss you! For the month of September we are offering you a 15% discount on two of our most popular events – call it a welcome back present.

Kathmandu Urban Series – Sydney CBD
Saturday 22 November, 2014

Part adventure race, part scavenger hunt with a mix of the amazing race. This roller coaster ride will take teams of two through the heart of Sydney. Competitors will get to visit some of the cities most famous landmarks and complete a variety of fun activities along the way. This event is for all skill and fitness levels, with a number of the activities needing more brainpower than muscle. Speed alone will not get you over the line first!

It’s time to get your urban on – for more visit www.kathmanduurban.com.au


Mud Run – Sydney Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park
Saturday 6th December, 2014

Join thousands of wacky-racers as you run, crawl or even belly-flop your way through 7km of mud-pits and bog-holes oozing with thick, cold, gooey muck. Or, for the younger generation (under 11s), we’ve lined up a shorter 1km ‘Mud Dash’ race. Our motto? The dirtier the better. Expect nothing less. This eye-popping, side-splitting, hilarious spectacle of an event is designed for everyone and anyone who’s game for a laugh.

Do you like to get down and dirty? Enter now at www.mudrun.com.au

To claim your discount, use the following promo code when entering online. Be quick though, this is a September special only and will expire in two weeks.

Promo Code “WMY15”



Saturday 10th February 2024
Max Adventure Race Series
Cams Wharf, Lake Macquarie, NSW

Saturday 18th May 2024
The Great Adventure Challenge
Within 3 hours of Sydney, NSW



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